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Career Hack is founded on a commitment to empowering our next generation of leaders during the challenging economic conditions that we are currently facing.

With this in mind, Career Hack offers a unique mentoring program, where you have the opportunity of being paired with senior HR leaders, who have overcome many professional and personal challenges on their way to building a successful career.

Whether you are at the beginning of your career, or even if you have a few years of experience, Career Hack is a community designed to help your career grow!

How does it work?


1. Join

Become a member and set up a profile. Consider your goals and focus on what you would like to work on.


2. Connect

During the intake call with our community manager, we determine your mentoring needs together.


3. Match

You can rely on our advice, as we help you decide on which mentor would make the best impact for you and your specific career goals. We will propose a match and, if you agree, we will formalize the mentor relationship. If not, we’ll keep looking until we find exactly what you need.


4. Grow

You have found a mentor that will help you take the next step in your career. You will begin with an initial introductory meeting. Enjoy the journey!

What should I expect?

A relationship with a clear purpose and new perspective on how to build a fulfilling career

In your first meeting with your mentor, you will agree on a shared aim. This will help identify problems you can solve, necessary decisions to make, and important actions you should take accordingly. The mentor relationship will change over time as you reach specific goals and set new ones.

In our mentoring program you will meet with a senior mentor on four occasions (1 hour each) within 6 months time.

Success Stories

“I had a wonderful mentor. He took time out of his schedule to meet with me and tell me about his experience. It was very useful, and even comforting, to know that someone had gone through everything I was going through and made it out okay.”

“I had a fantastic time getting to know my mentor. She gave me timely guidance, and was a constant source of support and guidance about my professional career, but also on personal issues. It was encouraging to know I had someone in my corner who was always willing to listen when I had a silly question or needed advice!”

Benefits from mentoring

  • Openness to experiment and change your patterns of thinking and reacting to what is happening at work
  • Self-awareness
  • Courage to be challenged in your assumptions
  • Willingness to work on limiting beliefs and the reactions stemming from them
  • Ability to take the knowledge into everyday life and design new courses of action based on your learning
  • Commitment to make the best out of the time you have with your mentor.

Our mentors are the cornerstone of our program. These are senior HR leaders that come from a variety of industries, countries, backgrounds and areas of expertise. But, they have a few key things in common:

  • Authentic
  • Empathic
  • Passionate about developing others
  • Active listeners
  • Enablers

Not sure yet?

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