Career Hack is a powerful growth platform for the next generation

Young professionals are facing significant challenges. Rapid geopolitical developments and the rising of urgent global scale challenges such as pandemics or climate change are affecting hopes for the future.

A new generation of professionals find themselves navigating huge economic difficulties early in their career, and as the pandemic continues, many are finding both their career plans and futures on hold.

Even though this generation is resilient and creative, we believe we need to join forces and do everything we can to empower them. Helping voice their needs and wants for the future of our society, to inspire us all in creating social change, to re-think many issues previous generations did not quite get right.

A KennedyFitch initiative

We are Career Hack, an initiative of KennedyFitch.

KennedyFitch is an organization that always works with their heart and head in mind, and drives individual, team and organizational transformations. KennedyFitch works predominantly in Executive Search and HR Management Consulting.

At KennedyFitch we have always focused and strongly believed in sharing knowledge and community building. We have done this by setting up communities and conferences for Senior Leaders. As we are witnessing societal upheaval, we are aware of the role that the young generation has in driving the new world of work, we dedicate time to support tomorrow’s leaders and therefor we have launched the Career Hack community.

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