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Career Hack offers a unique mentoring program that gives young professionals the opportunity to be guided and supported by senior leaders, who have overcome many professional and personal challenges on their way to building a successful career. We listen to your needs and the needs of your employees ensuring the most effective and valuable experience every step of the way.

Our program is your chance to invest in the young talent without having to set up a mentoring program from scratch. It nicely blends and complements other company programs and will save you time and resources, so you can focus on what matters most: offering your younger employees a unique and safe space for growth and change.

We provide a regular update on the progress your employees are making, allowing you to stay on top of things while mentees enjoy the ride. We take care of the work – you make the impact and reap the rewards!


1. You are invited to nominate mentees that will join the program.  We will assist with communication plan and templates.

2. During the program kick-off mentees will hear from Career Hack mentors and exchange with program stakeholders.

3. Mentees log in and set up their mentoring profile. Our platform will provide a selection of mentors tailored for each individual and based on content, values, interests and other subtleties (AI).

4. Once matched, mentees are able to connect one on one with their mentor via live chat or video conferencing. We provide guidance, tips and best practice.

5. Mentoring progress is tracked with surveys and pulse checks and we provide you a regular update.

6. Each mentoring program ends with an evaluation that is combined into a company report.

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Our mentors are the cornerstone of the Career Hack program.
We are very proud of the leaders who have joined Career Hack with a mission to give back to the next generation!

Ready for a pilot?

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