Career Hack offers a unique mentoring program, where you have the opportunity of being paired with senior HR leaders, who have coached individuals and organizations, and have overcome many professional and personal challenges on their way to building a successful career.

Our program is scheduled to run for 4 months and we’ll keep in touch and check your feedback on several occasions. Whatever you share and discuss with your mentor remains strictly confidential and Career Hack never inquiries about those details.

The program ends with an evaluation of the learning journey and your experience as a mentee. While the formal program ends at that point, the relationship you built with your mentor stays forever! And, naturally, you are more than welcome to join Career Hack community and take an active role there, or start a new program with the same or another Career Hack mentor.

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– A mentor of choice from a pool of senior HR leaders
– 4 mentoring sessions of one hour each
– Intelligent support from our platform – reflection tips, reminders and pulse checks
– Ongoing individual assistance from a relationship manager
– Guidebooks and support materials

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