What are the benefits of having a mentor


“Having a mentor is associated with increased job satisfaction, higher salary, faster promotion, firmer career plans, and the increased probability that the protege will also become a mentor.”

(Missirian, 1982; Roche, 1979).

At times it may be challenging to find the support you need inside your organization. A mentor is someone external from your organization who is able to help you in an unbiased way. It may be easier to talk with an external mentor about the troubles you are facing or the areas you want to improve or excel in.

Mentoring brings not only benefits to the mentees but also to the mentors. It is a mutual learning relationship. While the mentor brings a wide range of knowledge and experience, the young professional may offer some new information and perspectives. A mentoring relationship helps you with your development needs in a personal way.

There are numerous benefits of having a mentor:

  • A mentor is a senior leader who has overcome many professional challenges and personal challenges during their career. They have probably been in the same position that you are in right now. Having access to a senior leader can help you overcome the challenges or obstacles you are facing right now. A mentor helps you hack your career.
  • A mentor offers you encouragement and support for your personal growth and improvement. The knowledge they have acquired over the years can be of extreme benefit for you.
  • A mentor encourages you and empowers you in your personal development. You do not have to do it alone. A mentor is someone on your side who can help you through the next steps of your career.
  • Sometimes, it may be difficult to identify where you want to go in your career and how to get there. A mentor can help you identify and set up your career goals so that you are able to achieve them. Having someone who guides you with an outside perspective can give you a view or path that you had not yet discovered yourself.

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