Meet our Mentors & Mentees

A mentor provides a sounding board and can be a guide in the exploration of career interests and options.

Career Hack offers a unique mentoring program, where you have the opportunity of being paired with senior leaders, who have overcome many professional and personal challenges on their way to building a successful career.

In our mentoring program you will meet with a mentor on four (online) occasions where you can build a new perspective on how to build a fulfilling career

You will agree on a shared aim together with your mentor. This will help identify problems you can solve, necessary decisions to make, and important actions you should take!


Meet our mentor
Guillaume Delacour

Jean-Louis Etienne said once:

“One does not push one’s limits, one discovers them”

“This is what I like to do, to discover new limits, about myself, about others, about the world in general. And I have had fantastic people helping me in different stages of my life and career by enabling this discovery.

They helped me to do studies, start new jobs, go abroad and live in new countries, stay curious and reach higher summits. If I can give it back in some way by helping others through mentorship and enabling the discovery of their limit it could not make me happier.”

Guillaume Delacour, VP – Global HRBP at ABB

A selection of our mentors!

Felipe Hessel
Merck Group
Darmstadt, Germany

Feeling swamped with your workload? Is your daily routine far from stimulating? Maybe it’s time to get a fresh perspective on what the true priorities are? 

Isabelle Leggieri
Philip Morris International
Rome, Italy
Vikramaditya Bajpai
Geneva, Switzerland
Johanna Meijer-Wolfbauer
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Vasuki Ranganath
Volvo Car Group
Gothenburg, Sweden
Mary Puddepha
Illinois, United States

The economy of the new workforce does not operate solely on hard work but rather on smart work. Do you  need to get smarter about people, relationships, processes, opportunities, and strategies.

Join us at Career Hack!

Feeling like you don’t have a voice at the table? Do you have lots of creative ideas but others don’t seem to get them?

Sébastien Boutté
Merck Group
Eysins, Vaud, Switzerland
Maria Alvez
Madrid, Spain
Guillaime Delacour
Zürich, Switzerland
Roberta Segalini
Milan, Italy
Silvia Alongi
Phoenix Services, LLC
Lille, France

Do you keep postponing asking for a raise? If you feel a lack of confidence about how to approach this delicate topic, but you are nevertheless convinced about your top performance and that you do deserve a raise, we are here for you.

Guillermo Tena
Madrid, Spain
Olga Needham
Nissan Motor Corporation
Cranfield, UK

What’s included?

In the Career Hack mentoring program you will have an opportunity to request mentorship from the mentor of your choice. You can rely on recommendations from our AI platform, or decide yourself on which mentor would make the best impact for you and your specific career goals.

In total you will have 4 sessions of one hour with your mentor. You will schedule these session in a time frame of 6 months.

How it works


1. Join

Become a member and set up a profile on Career Hack (Mentorcloud) Platform. Consider your goals and focus on what you would like to work on.


2. Connect

Check out your recommendations and pick your perfect mentor.


3. Match

Apply for mentorship with the mentor of your choice and wait for your request to be approved.


4. Grow

Once your request is approved, you are able to set up an introductory meeting with your mentor. Enjoy the journey!

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