3 Common Questions Asked During Interviews and How to Answer Them


We all prepare ourselves well before interviews. We research the company and its people, update our curriculum vitae and try to think of answers to give to questions that we suspect to be asked. But as always, we can improve ourselves further in order to hack the next interview we will have. Here are three common interview questions and how to answer them.


Tell me about yourself

One of the most common questions which is usually asked at the beginning of an interview. The best way to answer this question is to start with your past, go to your present and mention what you want in the future.

  • Past: where you are from, where you went to school and what you studied for, previous experiences
  • Present: explain the role you currently have when applicable and mention relevant achievements and responsibilities
  • Future: mention what you are looking for and how you think the current role and company you are interviewing for will help you achieve this. Mention how your experience, knowledge and skills will make you successful in the job.

When giving your answer make sure you make eye contact, try not to use any fillers, are not too general and do not speak negatively about previous experiences/employers.


What is your greatest weakness?

This question is asked to see how self-aware you are and what steps you have undertaken to improve yourself with regards to your weakness. Be honest about it and make sure that it is indeed a true weakness. Be vulnerable and authentic. Show what you have done up until that moment to better yourself. This question shows if you are able to learn new tasks and handle challenges.


Why do you want to work here?

A question very often asked by interviewers to see if you have done your research on the company and to see why you believe you are a good fit for the company. Show that you have done this research and make yourself familiar with the products/services the company offers, its history and culture of the workplace. Mention the aspects of the company that appeal to you and align with the career goals you have. It is always a good idea to mention a specific event/achievement that the company had that piqued your interest and why this is the case. The mission and vision of the company are very important as they can help you articulate how good of a fit you will be.

These three interview questions and how to answer them will help you feel more prepared and ready to take on your next interview. But most of all be confident of your abilities and accomplishments. You have already achieved so much, let these tips help you hack your career to the next level.

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