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The global pandemic has changed the way of working for millions of people around the world. From one day to another, people had to transition from working in the office to working from home. Home workspaces have been created, routines have been set, but what are some of the key things to do in your day to achieve a healthy work-life balance?

  1. Normally, we do not go to work in our pyjamas. Get dressed at the beginning of the day. Research has shown that getting dressed at the start of the day will help with your productivity and getting you into work mode.
  2. Start your day off by doing something to get you in the work mindset. Commuting used to help us make the transition between home and work. Normally, we do not go straight from our bed to our office. While working from home, we need to find new ways to help us with the transition. Go for a walk in the morning or make your schedule for the day before you dive into the workday.
  3. Create a workspace that works for you. Having a dedicated workspace will help you clock in for the day and it also helps you to create a more productive work environment.
  4. Have a clear structure for the day. It will help you limit your distractions and stay focused on the tasks you have to do.
  5. Start with doing the most important thing in the morning. You will be more productive as you have just started your day. The first hours of your workday are the most crucial as they set the tone for the rest of the day.
  6. Working from home while there are other people also living and working in the same house is difficult. Set your boundaries. Make it clear to others when you are working and when there is the possibility for interruption by them. Communicating your schedule is key.
  7. Take breaks throughout the day. Take some time to get up, go for a walk, but above all get your eyes off the screen for at least 10-15 minutes. Doing this will help you stay productive throughout the day and feel less stressed in the long run.
  8. Socialize with your colleagues throughout the day. Working from home might feel lonely as you miss the casual daily interactions you used to have. Have a virtual coffee break with them, ask them about their weekend, how it is going with their family. Keep up with the normal conversations you used to have with each other.
  9. We are not at the office anymore. Flexible hours are one of the key advantages of working from home for most people. Take advantage of this new flexibility to finish some household responsibilities during the day. In between calls? Get that load of laundry in the washing machine!
  10. Maintain consistent working hours. Making the separation between home and work has become more difficult. Make it clear to yourself when the workday ends and end it at that time. Before that time, wrap up your current projects and put work away. “Go home” mentally. Give yourself the opportunity to hit the reset button and go to home mode.

Working from home is difficult, especially when kids or roommates are running around and asking for your attention. At the end of the day, it is up to you to make work from home work. Every situation is unique, be kind to yourself.

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